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Alameed Vending Machine Trading LLC
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About us

At the outset, we wish to publicize company “AL AMEED” as a national company located in Abu Dhabi, specializing in providing self-service sales of hot drinks and light products through vending machines. We specialize in providing self-service sales of hot drinks and light products through vending machines, and we provide our service at all locations of medical - stop shops - schools and colleges - commercial markets - banks - call centers - sports centers - factories - women's concerns - automotive service centers - car workshop - Internet centers and billiards - chalets, entertainment parks and other sites.

Hot Drinks

modern and leading of edge hot drinks vending machines with the best toches of technology and taste , dependable and easy to use

Cold Drinks

modern and leading of edge cold drinks vending machines with summer fresh . Variables bottles sizes, dependable and easy to use

snack, chips & Chocolates

chips & Chocolates vending machines , flexible,stable , dependable and easy to use


The concept of self-service vending machines

The use of food vending machines began for a long time in Japan and was limited to the sale of chewing gum and certain types of sweets, over time the use of these machines spread in sale of other types of food such as cold drinks and coffee, and did not stop at this point but such these machines has been used in preparation of full meals by adding some elements helping in cooking as well as it is possible to use these machine in heating or cooling the food prior to distribution, as in ice cream machines.

The use of this type of service (Vending Machine) has spread surprisingly quickly in recent years to meet the requested service to the fast food for 24 hours and all days of the week, and is available in all hospitals, schools and factories and petrol stations and others.

Best of our Products

With regard to the product used in vending machines for hot (coffee, milk, chocolate, tea), our company adopts CERUTTI & VENDIN branded product. Cerutti & Vendin is healthy products for bulk consumption providing passion for a full life. The creation of any new products should be in line with the following two main requirements:
• The food should be healthy and tasty,
• The time and effort involved in the production processes should be reduced to minimum.

“Passion for quality!” It is manifested both in the quality of our products and in the quality of our activity and dedication to our partners and, most importantly, to our customers. The key principle, which is of the utmost importance throughout the company, is:

“It is the customer who decides the fate of a product and brand, and it is the customer to whom the Company owes its success and achievements”.

Meet our professional Team

We are Best Team in the World that bring your Ideas to life.


Awards Won

Happy Customers



Our main goal is to help our customers achieve their dreams

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  • Abu Dhabi Police
  • Institute of Applied Technology
  • Perfect Events - Manchester United Club
  • Royal Jet Group
  • Syscoms College Abu Dhabi
  • Presidential Flight
  • Emirate Driving Company Abu Dhabi
  • Inlingua International Language Center
  • Rotana Hotel
  • Premier Motors Abu Dhabi
  • Premier Motors Al Ain
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Always best Service

We Pride ourselves in the quality and excellence service provided and achieved by:

Highly qualified


Alameed’s team consists of highly qualified and carfullty choozen calibers, who has an extensive experience in the field of vending machine services



Our understanding to our client’s needs and dealing with all our customers as VIP,if you have any doubts about this ? just ask our clients and see.



Our company adopts Cerutti & Vendin branded product: Cerutti & Vendin is healthy products for bulk consumption providing passion for a full life.

Latest blog posts

Our team created best opportunities for your business.

Simplicity of operation

Simplicity of operation

The machine is working automatically and prepares the drink in seconds after grinding Italian-fried coffee on the spot where...

Coffee Vending Machine Specification:

Coffee Vending Machine Specification:

XS Coffee Vending Machine: Simple & flexible within a compact footprint Fits into small work areas Patented ‘speed mix’...

Vending machines for Snacks.

Vending machines for Snacks.

As for the snack machines, it offers you multiple choices between cold drinks, juices, crackers, Biscuits, chocolate and other...

Vending Machines for Hot Drinks

Vending Machines for Hot Drinks

Machines provided for you by the “AL AMEED” company are Italian-made, proportional form, specialized in preparing coffee with wonderful...

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Our team created best opportunities for your business.

Contact Info

Abu Dhabi, UAE: 34699
+971-2-5509981, 050-1301042

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE: 34699

  • +971-2-5509981, 050-1301042, +971-2-5509982


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